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Show 2: Why become a manager or entrepreneur?

Show 2: Why become a manager or entrepreneur?

One of the most important questions to ask yourself in business is the very first one. Why should I become a business manager or entrepreneur? This seems like a no brainer to most but it is one of the most important questions never asked and one of the most, if not the most, important questions to be answered. As we have made clear before we are not here to give you a list of answers and reasons of why you should but more importantly answers in terms of what and why you shouldn’t. Basically, again we give you the things to avoid doing in order to be successful. Let’s get to it.

Manager or higher in a large corporation: This is the route to success of college and then into the larger corporations.

What to avoid:

As a manager I do not have to do anything other than tell everyone working for me what to do.


As I move up to higher levels of management the easier it is. False.

The more I move up to director and executive the better the money and I will have people below me doing the hands-on work. False.

Entrepreneur route:

I will get into business and makes gobs of money. False.


The first few years will require work but then it is all gravy after that. False.


Owning my own business will afford me a worry-free lifestyle. False.


Everyone will think I am a great person and admire me. (ego stroking) False.