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Initial Podcast Show #1

Welcome to the first podcast show of “Real Business, Real Money, Real Results.”
I am your host Jim Stitchels. My real name is not Jim Stitchels as this is the pseudonym
Under which I write and put on our show.

We have created the show and the business model in order to try and help small business owners and first-time entrepreneurs to find and build the successful businesses they dream of by teach what NOT to do in business.

I am part of a successful group of business owners and fortune 100 experienced business executives that have at least 25 years’ experience in building and managing successful businesses.

Some of our team went the traditional route of business management and have lengthy college degrees and the hands-on experience in American and world wide business management. We also are comprised of nontraditional entrepreneurs that have created, developed, and built multiple multi-million-dollar businesses.

We have all had wonderful business successes and business failures alike. Over the years we have watched and even read so many of the business gurus books out in the market that try to teach how to be a success in business by doing certain things correctly. There are some of these that are true and innovative. But the one thing that we, as a group noticed among all of them is, the formula for a successful gas station is completely different than for a manufacturing business and/or a restaurant. The biggest thing is that there is no such thing as a cookie cutter road map to success by doing a group of things correctly. On the other hand there are certain things that you can do incorrectly that will guarantee failure, no matter what the business is.

It is not that we are being negative or doomsday type people. It is simple and straight to the point that if you know what NOT to do in business that is a for sure roadmap to failure, then you will have the best opportunity to become a success. In the world of business in the community known as “Silicon Valley”, there is a popular saying and belief among the most successful and active venture capitalists. The belief is that if you have a management team of a company coming to you for investment funding and they have never experienced failure in business, then pass on the deal. Ok, so it is more of a theory than a saying. The reason is that a person learns and retains more of a lesson when they fail in a business than when they have only had success.

This is the concept at the core of the show. We decided that writing another business book about this would be of no real use today as it does take a while for books to be written, proofed, and published, even self-published, and by the time it is ready to be in the hands of the reader, it is old information. Useless. We will eventually have a written and published book but at this moment the best and most effective way to help is this podcast.

So, we hope that you enjoy, learn something very valuable and financial helpful, and are not too offended as we will be as brutally honest as the real world of business is.