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Home Based Businesses

In today’s world environment of pandemics and companies going out of business, more than ever people are creating and running home based businesses in order to survive and even thrive when things get back to “Normal”.

Start Ups

Most “Start Ups” are created with the best intentions but they require a particualr set of skills and tools of what to do right and what to do wrong. We offer advice on what to avoid becuse every single start up is different in order to succeed, but they are all the same when it comes to what to aovid.

Existing Business

The world of business as we know it has changed in 2020 and it will never be the same, so what works to recover for one type of existing business as opposed to another is very different. The only thing that is consistent is what you need to avoid in order to not fail.

What we do for you


Brand Perception

We teach and advise some of the top most common pitfalls and what not to do’s regarding the branding and the brand perception of your business


Investments & Acquisitions

Learn that the best investment is you and then acquire better cusomers and business.


Crisis Management

The best ways to respond to any crisis in your business that will assure that you can sink your business.


Customer Reach

The most common ways to reduce your customer reach and ignore your 20% ratio.


Growth & Sales

The sure fire ways tokill any and all growth and sales in your business.

About Us

This p[icture is not my team. We do not look like these models. They are pretty but not real. We are a small team of blue and white collar business owners that have gone out in the business world and have been successful and failed in business. We have first hand experience of what it takes to succeed and what it takes to fail miserablly. We are REAL business owners that have been there and done that.

Quod non


(“What Not to Do”)


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